Best Flutes for Beginners : G Natural Bass & C Natural Medium Professional Bamboo Flutes

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  • DPflutes Combo Set of 2
  • G  Natural Bass and C Natural medium
  • Matured and seasoned handpicked Assam bamboo (Dolu)
  • A 440 Hz Tuned (Customisable)
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy refund/replacement
  • COD available! (only for Life Customers)
  • Best for beginners
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Specifications : Flutes for Beginners

  • G Natural Bass and C Natural Medium
  • Tuned at A 440 Hz (Customisable)
  • Made of the handpicked best-quality and matured Assam bamboo (Dolu)
  • Natural Bamboo Color (Color may vary as bamboo is a natural material)
  • The most suitable flutes for beginners to start with
  • Accurate tuning and right calibrations
  • Minimum delivery charges
  • COD available (T&C apply)
  • Properly packaged to ensure safe shipment

Description: Flutes for Beginners

  • This offer includes 02 flutes viz. G Natural Bass and C Natural medium
  • This is a lifetime offer
  • This is the most recommended set of flutes for beginner to start with
  • One can ask for customization considering your needs.

Furthermore, we take extra care while making any professional flute as we keep customers’ satisfaction in mind while making. Our customers can, therefore,  approach us for any kind of customization they need and we will do it for no extra cost.

Benefits of Beginner Set

On purchase of  the Combo set,  the following additional benefits are ensured to our customers:

  • Discounted price on most important flutes
  • Free customization
  • Easy return/replacement
  • Prompt settlement of post-purchase issues
  • Replacement on damage during shipping
  • Free carry case included
  • COD is available in most of the locations (T&C apply)


Further, the color of flutes delivered to our customers might slightly vary from the sample image shown on our website. Usually, bamboo being a natural thing, has color variations.

Besides this, there may be some dark spots and scratch marks on the flute. Scratches and dark spots signify a matured bamboo.

DPflutes is acclaimed for delivering quality products and the best customer relationships with our customers. Therefore, we once again resolve to keep the quality of flutes always high and the best possible relationship with our customers for a lifetime.

Flutes for Beginners: Why is G Natural Bass and C Natural Medium recommended?

Since bamboo flute is one of the most simple yet difficult musical instruments to play. Unlike other instruments, it takes time for beginners to start making sounds from the flute. Playing right notes on the flute is another challenge and one has to spend enough time during the initial days just to produce the first sound. It is recommended that one should take the guidance of an accomplished guru right from the beginning.

Since flutes seem difficult for one during the initial days of learning. Also, the size of flutes increases or decreases as the scale ascends or descends. For instance, the set of flutes for beginners includes G Natural Bass which is approximately 25 inches long, and C Natural Medium which is 19 inches approximately. Since C Natural Medium is a shorter flute, one can easily grip the flute with his untrained fingers and at least can start producing sound. This flute is also the best for beginners as they can play simple melodies without much effort. Moreover, beginners are mostly inspired by light instrumental music and C Natural Medium is mostly used to play lighter music.  Hence, the starting gets to go.

G Natural Bass, the second flute in this set is a longer flute. Gradually beginners have to upgrade themselves to the next level of music once they start making some light music. To learn music further, they finally land up trying Classical Music. Hence, the requirement of G Natural Bass arises. This flute is very appropriate to begin learning classical music as the sound is comparatively heavy which is the need of classical music.

To upgrade to  G Natural Bass from C Natural Medium will not be that difficult now as enough time has been spent by the learner on C natural medium. His exercises on the basic things like holding of flute, blowing, and producing of notes must have been completed with C Natural Medium. Hence, he can effortlessly start learning classical music.


To summarize, we always try to make flutes out of bamboos with perfect dimensions. However, this factor again has its limitations. Our customers are mature enough and accept this negligible limitation. DPflutes always endeavors to maintain goodwill with our customers.

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