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About DPflutes - Know How We Evolved as DPflutes

Life is incomplete without a soulmate. Prayojna, my soulmate, is the only person who motivates me to surpass my mental and physical limits, leading me to a realm where anything feels achievable. With her unwavering support, I embarked on the extraordinary journey of crafting flutes.

Together, we go to great lengths to ensure absolute satisfaction for our esteemed customers. Prayo, without you, none of this would have been possible!

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My Journey

How My Journey Started

In this section, you will learn everything about DPflutes, its name, and how it came to be.

I can confidently say that music runs through my veins, as I was inspired to play the flute by my father. I have faint memories of him playing his self-made flute, leaning against the bed before going to sleep.

At the age of five, my desire to play the instrument as skillfully as my father grew stronger, and I began to pick up some notes.

Witnessing my deep interest in the flute, my father made a set of seven holes on a piece of bamboo, which became my cherished first flute. I carried my flute with me everywhere I went, whether herding cattle like Lord Krishna or wandering through the woods to collect firewood. In the small village where I grew up, my fondness for the bansuri earned me the nickname “Little Krishan” at a tender age, reminiscent of Lord Krishna playing the flute while tending to his cows.

Later, my sister and I moved to a town for further studies. Recognizing my passion for music, she found me a renowned music teacher named Smt. Shakuntala Devi, under whose guidance I completed Visharad in Indian Classical Music (vocal) in 2000. While I was in college, I successfully cleared the examinations for the Indian Navy in 2005.

Despite my various postings, I always pursued music, but it was during my time in Goa that I had ample spare time off duty, allowing me to delve deeper into playing music.

My fascination with music grew stronger, leading me to take guitar lessons at Gustov Music Class under the mentorship of my beloved teacher, Gustavo Fernandes. My teacher was impressed by my unique approach to understanding music, particularly when he witnessed me playing different musical instruments. He insisted that I should also take up the flute alongside the guitar and keyboard since I was already creating what he referred to as “excellent melodies” on the flute.

Gradually, I decided to focus more on flute music while continuing to sing and play other instruments. As my confidence as an artist grew, I started creating cover songs on YouTube. With the increasing appreciation from people for my online music renditions, I gained recognition as an online guru on my YouTube channel.

Eventually, as I felt the need for a good professional flute, I purchased several flutes from different places. However, my dissatisfaction with them drove me to invest in a branded flute, despite its higher cost. Later on, I realized the importance of having multiple flutes of various scales to deepen my learning. Instead of purchasing expensive flutes, I chose to make my own since I was already familiar with flute-making techniques, having studied physics, dynamics, and the specific measurements and distances between holes required to produce different frequencies for the correct notes on various flute scales. I dedicated countless hours to crafting a single flute out of PVC pipe, gradually refining my skills and developing my own formula through the repetitive process of flute manufacturing.

By the grace of God, I had the opportunity to attend flute classes at Vrindavan Gurukul, Mumbai, in 2018. Even though I took flute classes from senior students of Padma Vibhushan Shri Hari Prasad Chaurasiaji, I felt that the real gains were not in my flute playing or music skills, but rather in the blessings, elevation, and bliss I experienced by humbly prostrating before the revered maestro and the divine instrument, the flute. In the Gurukul, my focus shifted to actively researching about the flute, and I was given a unique opportunity to curate and study various brands of the instrument under the guidance of my gurus. This allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of professional flutes.

My flute-making abilities improved further when I received constant encouragement and guidance from my Guru Shri Mahendra Nimawat Ji and Shri Bhuvan Dhakalji. As my 15-year service in the Indian Navy came to a close, I had gained enough confidence to embark on a new career as a professional flute maker in my retired life, proudly providing professional flutes to established flutists and students worldwide.


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