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F sharp Bass DPflutes

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best flutes for beginners

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3 Factors Determining Price of Professional Flutes

Professional flutes are more than just ordinary bamboo sticks with holes. They are considered as professional musical instruments with significant worth.

The professional flute price is not merely determined by the cost of the materials or the production expenses, but also by the values it offers. 

Diensh Sharma DPflutes

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Vivek Rai

"Whoever gets involved in this field becomes spiritual because the music itself is purely spiritual. The music is a prayer, a rare kind of prayer. Music is created by the Supreme entity (‘Brahma’) so that we can get an understanding or a view (‘Darshan’) of that entity".

- Padma Vibhushan Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia

Pt Hari Prasad Charurasia

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