F Natural Bass (SAFED-4) 28.5 Inch (72.3 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

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  • F Natural Bass Professional Flute
  • 28.5 inch (72.3), 24 mm diameter
  • Natural Bamboo Colour
  • A 440 Hz Tuned
  • Low Shipping Cost
  • Easy refund/replacement
  • COD available!
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Specifications of F Natural Bass (Safed-4) Indian Classical Bamboo Flute

  • F Natural Bass (Safed-4) professional bamboo flute or Safed-4 Bansuri
  • C key tone according to Western Music
  • Tuned at A 440 Hz
  • Made of the best quality and matured Assam bamboo (Dolu)
  • Length 28.5 Inches (72.3 Cm) approximately and diameter 24 mm
  • Natural Bamboo Color (Color may vary as bamboo is a natural material)
  • Suitable for playing professional Indian classical music during classical concerts
  • Accurate tuning and right calibrations for concert performance and studio recording
  • Transverse flute for right-handed players
  • Minimum delivery charges
  • Properly packaged to ensure safe shipment

Description:  F Natural Bass (Safed-3)

  • F Natural Bass (Safed-4) North Indian Professional bamboo flute is approximately 28.5 inch (28.5 Cm) long and its diameter is 24 mm. This flute produces a low frequency that creates a good ambiance for listeners.
  • Sometimes, professional Indian classical artists prefer playing F Natural Bass Bamboo flute during Concerts. This flute has a bold, but comparatively medium tone and maintains pitch between harsh high to deep low.
  • Also, F Natural Bass Professional bamboo flute is suggested to the beginners of the middle age group for learning Indian Classical Music.
  • It gives Keynote C natural scale with all holes closed.

Furthermore, we take extra care while making any professional flute as we keep customers’ satisfaction in mind while making. Our customers can, therefore,  approach us for any kind of customization they need and we will do it for no extra cost.

Benefits to our Customers

On purchase of E Natural Bass(Safed-3) Indian Classical Bamboo flute,  the following additional benefits are ensured to our customers:

  • Low shipment cost
  • Free customization
  • Easy return/replacement
  • Prompt settlement of post-purchase issues
  • Replacement on damage during shipping
  • Many other DPflutes offers


Further, the color of flutes delivered to our customers might slightly vary from the sample image shown on our website. Usually, bamboo being a natural thing, has color variations.

Besides this, there may be some dark spots and scratch marks on the flute. Scratches and dark spots signify a matured bamboo.

DPflutes is acclaimed for delivering quality products and best customer relationships with our customers. Therefore, we once again resolve to keep the quality of flutes always high and the best possible relationship with our customers for a lifetime.


To summarize, we always try to make flutes out of bamboos with perfect dimensions. However, this factor again has its limitations. Our customers are matured enough and accept this negligible limitation. DPflutes always endeavors to maintain goodwill with our customers.

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Weight145 g
Dimensions76.2 × 28 × 28 cm
Hand Position


Thread Colour

Coffee Brown, Dark Brown, Rust Brown, Any other suitable colour

Finger Size

Long, Medium, Short

Required Carry Case ? NA For Flash Sale

No. Rs 150 cash back, Yes

Need any Customisation ?

No, Yes (specify during checkout)

Pitch Standard

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Courier Preference

Amazon, DTDC, Xpressbees, Delhivery, E-com Express, India Post, Any Suitable

8 reviews for F Natural Bass (SAFED-4) 28.5 Inch (72.3 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

  1. Avatar of Somesh Das

    Somesh Das

    I have been playing bansuri for many years now. I have not played a better crafted flute than the flute Dinesh Bhai’s crafted for me.I have purchased a F natural Base flute from Dinesh bhai. Right from lower notes to taar saptak every swar can be played effortlessly.The komal swaras are very clear.This clearly shows the amount of details Dinesh Bhai goes to to craft a bansuri.The bamboo is very mature, light in weight. But tuning is the main feature of Dinesh bhai.May Maa Saraswati bless him with Sangeet for his entire life.

  2. Avatar of Nipjyoti Bhuyan

    Nipjyoti Bhuyan

    I received F bass DP flute in Flash Sale…I am totally surprised after receiving it as I could not expect such a beautiful and well tuned flute in flash sale with more than 50% discount.. I already have flutes from other brands but I don’t think,in future, I will buy flute other than DP flutes.. I am in love with DP flute

  3. Avatar of Nipjyoti Bhuyan

    Nipjyoti Bhuyan

    I received F bass DP flute in Flash Sale…I am totally surprised after receiving it as I could not expect such a beautiful and well tuned flute in flash sale with more than 50% discount.. I already have flutes from other brands but I don’t think,in future, I will buy flute other than DP flutes.. I am in love with DP flute.. I am happy that I am life customer of DP flute..

  4. Avatar of ROHITH L R


    This indeed is not only a review, but some words i wish to tell you on phone ( directly) after my recovery from the hand surgery. Anyway i am writing a fraction of it now….

    Even though i am a tabla player( not a master), my knowledge regarding bansuris was very limited when i started playing it. As a begginer, my guru told me to have a G bass first. Since i am from bottom part of india( kerala), getting into a good bansuri was realy challenging like

    Language wise( i am pathetic in hindi but Dinesh sir managed it with good english)

    Money wise ( different makers shows large difference in price)

    So i called almost all my outside kerala friends, digged the internet for almost one month, then i choose DP flutes. Here’s what i think

    I cant say you are the best flute maker in the world, bcz time is flowing and we are all subjected to change. But i can definitely say this ” You are ‘my’ best bansuri maker till now” and choosing DP flute was one of the best decision of my life.

    For those who can afford much more explanation,

    Since i got the G bass flute, it became a very important part of my daily routines. The day i got my hand fratured, i practised almost 2-3 hour in the morning on it ( i think there is no further explanation needed for its tonal quality). If anybody wants to know how i finally decided to have DP flutes

    1)The communication i had with him( more than a good bansuri maker, i feel the conversation very good which was crisp and clear, straighforward, loving with polite english)

    2) The review of Aswin srinivasan sir on youtube

    3) The available review of other and assurance of his terms and conditions

    4) DP flutes benchmark logo & classic nature of branding it on bansuri

    When i got the accident, i was in discussion with C# bass flute with him. After i informed him my condition, his words of replies and caring was heart touching. One day after my sugery, waking up from the pain in morning i find surprise flash sale of F bass for ₹2000. Without knowing when i will be able to hold the flute again ( bcz the plaster will be removed july last followed by physios) i booked the flute with full heart. That is the degree of trust he made on me with a single purchase. After unboxing, i struggled to play ‘sa’ on it with one hand, which sounds good, really good. Now i am realy frustrated on this waiting to play it properly. So what i do every day is taking care of it by oiling, cleaning, and keeping it shining…. Hope i will be on it soon….

    If life allows, i am planning for a visit to see him, being a part of my dream flute( E bass) making.

    For those who read patiently upto here, i am sorry for being lengthy… But as i said… It is only a fraction of what i want to say to him….

    I will call you sir, wishing you ans your family a very prosperous life then

    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Really happy to see your impressions of DPflutes Rohit bhai.
      I am hopeful that your will recover your fractured hand soon and will be back to playing flute again. Wishing you a quick recovery.


    SANTOSH KUMAR BERA (verified owner)

    DP flutes , you are always good as Your moto..
    This one is my 4th flute , I can differ it from others by holding and sound also..Always your looks does not matter , your sounds matter..I have a G bass now it seems little bit sharper , still I fascinating with you always..
    Best wishes to musical and magical DP flutes..

  6. Avatar of Biplob Sarkar

    Biplob Sarkar

    Great quality of bamboo.
    Awesome sound quality.
    I’m very happy😊😊

  7. Avatar of Parag Dhoble

    Parag Dhoble

    Mene kuchh din pahale F bansuri li thi jo muze aaj(20/11/2022) mili me bahut khush hu q ki itani kam kimat me badiya si premium aur tunning quality lajawab h ji sabhi swar effortlessly baj rahe h( taar saptak, madhya saptak aur komal swar) tunning ke bare me jitana bhi kuchh bolu utana kam hi rah jayega aur bansuri ki finishing, threading jawari and seasoned bamboo premium flute se bhi aage ki quality h ji me to bas yahi kahunga ki DP sir ke craft ki kimat me to is janm me bhi chhuka nahi paunga ! I’m always be grateful to you Dp sir
    Thank you so much sir for giving us such sweet flútes 🙏🙏🤗❤️

  8. Avatar of Rushi Vyas

    Rushi Vyas (verified owner)


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