G Sharp Bass (Kali-4) 24 Inch (60.9 3 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

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  • G Shap Bass Professional Flute
  • 24 inch (60.96), 22 mm diameter
  • Natural Bamboo Colour
  • A 440 Hz Tuned
  • Low Shipping Charges
  • COD Available (T&C apply)
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Specifications of G Sharp Bass (Kali-4) Professional Bamboo Flute

  • G # Bass (Kali-4) professional bamboo flute or Kali-4 Bansuri
  • D Sharp key tone according to Western Music
  • Tuned at A 440 Hz
  • Made of the best quality and matured Assam bamboo (Dolu)
  • Length 24Inches (60.96 Cm) approximately and diameter 22 mm
  • Natural Bamboo Color (Color may vary as bamboo is a natural material)
  • Suitable for playing light professional Indian classical music preferably by beginners
  • Accurate tuning and right calibrations for concert performance and studio recording
  • Transverse flute for right-handed players
  • Minimum delivery charges
  • Properly packaged to ensure safe shipment
  • COD available (T&C Apply)

Description: G SharpBass (Kali-4)

  • G # Bass (Kali-4)  Professional bamboo flute is approximately 24 inch (60.96Cm) long and its diameter is 22 mm. This flute produces moderate frequency that creates a good ambiance for listeners.
  • Also, G # Bass Professional bamboo flute is mostly suggested to the beginners of the middle age group for learning Indian Classical Music. This flute is also suitable for playing any form of professional music.
  • It gives Keynote D Sharp scale with all holes closed.

Furthermore, we take extra care while making any professional flute as we keep customers’ satisfaction in mind while making. Our customers can, therefore,  approach us for any kind of customization they need and we will do it for no extra cost.

Benefits to our Customers – G Sharp Bass (Kali-4)

On purchase of G #  Bass(Kali-4) Indian Classical Bamboo flute,  the following additional benefits are ensured to our customers:

  • Low shipment cost
  • Free customization
  • Easy return/replacement
  • Prompt settlement of post-purchase issues
  • Replacement on damage during shipping
  • DPflutes offers
  • COD available (T&C apply)


Further, the color of flutes delivered to our customers might slightly vary from the sample image shown on our website. Usually, bamboo being a natural thing, has color variations.

Besides this, there may be some dark spots and scratch marks on the flute. Scratches and dark spots signify a matured bamboo.

DPflutes is acclaimed for delivering quality products and best customer relationships with our customers. Therefore, we once again resolve to keep the quality of flutes always high and the best possible relationship with our customers for a lifetime.


To summarize, we always try to make flutes out of bamboos with perfect dimensions. However, this factor again has its limitations. Our customers are matured enough and accept this negligible limitation. DPflutes always endeavors to maintain goodwill with our customers.

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Weight145 g
Dimensions76.2 × 28 × 28 cm
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Pitch Standard

, ,

Thread Colour

Coffee Brown, Dark Brown, Rust Brown, Any other suitable colour

Finger Size

Long, Medium, Short

Required Carry Case ? NA For Flash Sale

No. Rs 150 cash back, Yes

Need any Customisation ?

No, Yes (specify during checkout)

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Amazon, DTDC, Xpressbees, Delhivery, E-com Express, India Post, Any Suitable

5 reviews for G Sharp Bass (Kali-4) 24 Inch (60.9 3 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

  1. Avatar of Arup Das

    Arup Das (verified owner)

    Superb flute. Well tuned and looks beautiful. I recommend dp flutes to everyone who wants a well tuned flute in a reasonable price. Thank you Dinesh sir for the beautiful flute.

  2. Avatar of pramod Kumar patel

    pramod Kumar patel

    Very nice 🙂

  3. Avatar of Ayushi


    I bought a g# bass flute long ago and later E bass, super quality and literally har sur pakka. Dinesh sir is experienced and very good with his craft. He is always being honest and will never disappoint you. I would really recommend everybody to try dp flutes once and you will buy again.

    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Heartfelt thanks for choosing DPflutes, please visit DPflutes once again

  4. Avatar of Dipankar


    Well tuned and looks very nice … awesome … thanks to DPflutes

  5. Avatar of Ashvin S. Waghmare

    Ashvin S. Waghmare (verified owner)

    Why 5 Stars…..(Because there are only 5 one can place, I would have gone for more if got a chance)?
    So hear a what Happened, my name is Dr. Ashvin S. Waghmare , from Nagpur – Maharashtra, and I am a beginner in the filed of Music and Flute, my teacher has divine senses (Since he is blind ! his other senses are working with more power!) and he is Grade-A Musician of All India Radio. This G# is the fifth flute of mine from DP Flutes. It so happened that I went to meet my music teacher and took all my five flutes with me to get them checked by him personally (we are having online classes because of busy schedule). I never new which flute I was going to provide him first to check from my bag, accidentally G# came out of my bag and before I hand it to him completely, the flute touched accidentally touched his palm and he spoke …..this flute is good! without checking its build/ tonal or sound quality, and then he checked the flute physically with his both hands and played it……and when he stopped he said this one is good, you just play this! I was haaapppppyyyyyy, because as I have declared already, I am a beginner, I do not have the EAR for Swaras and all yet, but I am learning. Then I handed him all remaining flutes made by Dinesh Ji one by one which include A Base, C#, C Middle and he said all are good . It was a so happy moment for me. My confidence and faith over Dinesh ji have increased since then (Obviously, now Dinesh Ji has to bare extra responsibility of making and providing such nice and good flutes more and more .) And one more thing to tell that when you receive and play the flute you can smell the freshness and sweetness of the bamboo, it feels so heavenly!!!!!! You will certainly fall in love with the DP flutes, I have already cause I am loving it!!!!!

    So Thank You Dinesh Ji, keep up the good work. God Bless you and God bless us all.

    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Thank you, Ashvin bhai. Your words add more energy and enthusiasm to me. Let me be more responsible to craft flutes for the world with minimum irregularities. Thank you so much, bhai.

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