D Sharp Bass (Kali-2) 32 Inch (81.28 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

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  • D Natural Bass Professional Flute
  • Right-handed Flute
  • 33.5 inch (85.09), 26.5mm diameter
  • Natural Bamboo Colour
  • A 440 Hz Tuned
  • Low Shipping Cost
  • Easy refund/replacement
  • COD available! (T&C apply)
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Specifications of D Sharp Bass (Kali-2) Indian Classical Bamboo Flute

  • D Sharp Bass (Kali-2) professional bamboo flute or Kali-2 Bansuri
  • A Sharp key tone according to Western Music
  • Tuned at A 440 Hz
  • Made of the best quality and matured Assam bamboo (Dolu)
  • Length 32 Inches (81.28 Cm) approximately and diameter 26 mm
  • Natural Bamboo Color (Color may vary as bamboo is a natural material)
  • Suitable for playing professional Indian classical music during classical concerts
  • Accurate tuning and right calibrations for concert performance and studio recording
  • Transverse flute for right-handed players
  • Minimum delivery charges
  • Properly packaged to ensure safe shipment
  • COD Available (T&C apply)

Description: D Sharp Bass (Kali-2)

  • D Sharp Bass (Kali-2) Professional bamboo flute is approximately 22 inches (81.28 Cm) long and its diameter is 26 mm. This flute produces a low and bold frequency that creates a good ambiance for listeners.
  • Sometimes, professional Indian classical artists prefer playing the D sharp bass flute. As this flute has a bold and comparatively low tone and maintains low pitch. D sharp bass is considered to play music of serious tone.
  •  This flute is also suitable for playing professional music and hardcore classical music.
  • It gives Keynote A sharp natural scale with all holes closed.

Furthermore, we take extra care while making any professional flute as we keep customers’ satisfaction in mind while making. Our customers can, therefore,  approach us for any kind of customization they need and we will do it for no extra cost.

Benefits to our Customers

On purchase of E Natural Bass(Safed-3) Indian Classical Bamboo flute,  the following additional benefits are ensured to our customers:

  • Low shipment cost
  • Free customization
  • Easy return/replacement
  • Prompt settlement of post-purchase issues
  • Replacement on damage during shipping
  • Many other DPflutes offers
  • COD available (T&C Apply)


Further, the color of flutes delivered to our customers might slightly vary from the sample image shown on our website. Usually, bamboo being a natural thing, has color variations.

Besides this, there may be some dark spots and scratch marks on the flute. Scratches and dark spots signify a matured bamboo.

DPflutes is acclaimed for delivering quality products and best customer relationships with our customers. Therefore, we once again resolve to keep the quality of flutes always high and the best possible relationship with our customers for a lifetime.


To summarize, we always try to make flutes out of bamboos with perfect dimensions. However, this factor again has its limitations. Our customers are matured enough and accept this negligible limitation. DPflutes always endeavors to maintain goodwill with our customers.

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Weight145 g
Dimensions76.2 × 28 × 28 cm
Hand Position


Thread Colour

Coffee Brown, Dark Brown, Rust Brown, Any other suitable colour

Finger Size

Long, Medium, Short

Pitch Standard

, ,

Required Carry Case ? NA For Flash Sale

No. Rs 150 cash back, Yes

Need any Customisation ?

No, Yes (specify during checkout)

Courier Preference

Amazon, DTDC, Xpressbees, Delhivery, E-com Express, India Post, Any Suitable

6 reviews for D Sharp Bass (Kali-2) 32 Inch (81.28 Cm ) Professional Bamboo Flute

  1. Avatar of Sunit

    Sunit (verified owner)

    Guys … I was speechless when I received DP flute and it’s equally great flute like other flute makers like Punam flute and harshwardhan flutes who are one of the prominent flute makers in the market since long. The sound quality is awesome with great tuning and super easy blow. Thread binding and flute finish is incomparable with this much cost. My thumbs up to Mr Dinesh Sharma who is doing his job with great customer satisfaction.

  2. Avatar of Devang Desai

    Devang Desai

    I just seen d# bass flute, enjoy the tone and immediately click in heart and voice cames from within that THIS IS IT….

    Most important thing is that Tonal quality is awesome…
    Quality of Bamboo is too good… Shining of bamboo is just like as mirror….

    Actually bamboo used is definitely good but by the way flute made it clearly seems that MAKER of the flute has not just put seven holes on bamboo but he has dedicatedly, passionately and whole heartedly make it….

    It clearly seems that Maker is not in view to make quantity but definitely emphasis on quality….

    Shining of Bamboo is just like polishing but real fact is that it is not polished but natural shining. And this is an art of Maker…

    When you see the flute and you are not able to forget it, it means that Flute has stolen your heart….

    I have to say flute and flute maker both have stolen your heart….

    Last but not least…
    “Meri awaj hi pahechan he…..”

    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Sir feeling honoured to read your appreciation

  3. Avatar of utsav10708


    Received well tune top quality flute from Dineshji. I was happy to see that Dineshji made changes in carry case which was suggested by some customers.

  4. Avatar of utsav10708


    Received well tuneed top quality flute from Dineshji. I was happy to see that Dineshji made changes in carry case which was suggested by some customers.

  5. Avatar of Harikrishnan

    Harikrishnan (verified owner)

    DPflutes is all about Dinesh Ji.
    Completely customer friendly.
    He stays with you till the end.
    He listens to what is your requirement and does a beautiful job of crafting your flute just for you.

    I had ordered a D# Bass on Aug 15 Flash Sale. It was already told it will be pre-made flutes , but after listening to my requirements , Dinesh Ji made a completely customized flute for me.
    He sat with me over a video call and took all the inputs from my end and meticulously crafted the flute . He shared pictures ,videos and audio throughout the making process . These kind of makers are extremely rare.

    The flute took some time to be delivered. It was all worth the wait . He has put in a lot of efforts and beautifully crafted it . It’s a piece of artwork. Perfectly in tune and custom fingering holes.

    Fully satisfied, completely trustworthy ❤️

    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Blessed by your kind words sir. Thank you

  6. Avatar of Amitsagolsem


    This is the biggest flute I’ve bought and played so far but it’s much easier to play. The clean sound comes easily and I was pleasantly surprised with the sweetness of the higher octave notes. If you play for an audience, this one is an absolute showpiece. You’ll be glad for every penny spent.

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