C Natural Medium (SAFED-1) 19 Professional Bamboo Flute

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  • C Natural Medium Professional Bamboo Flute
  • 19 inch (48.26), 19 mm diameter
  • Natural Bamboo Color
  • A 440 Hz Tuned
  • Best for Beginners
  • Low Shipping Cost
  • Easy refund/replacement
  • COD available! (T&C apply)
  • Low Shipping Cost
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C Natural Medium (19 Inch) Bamboo Flute Specifications

  • C Natural Medium (Safed-1) Professional Bamboo Flute
  • G key tone according to Western Music
  • Tuned at A 440 Hz
  • Made of the best quality and matured Assam Bamboo (Dolu)
  • Length 19 Inch approximately and diameter 19 mm
  • Natural Bamboo Colour (color may vary as bamboo is a natural material)
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Suitable for playing professional music, light music, and folk tune
  • Accurate tuning and right calibrations for studio recording
  • Transverse flute for right-handed / left handed players
  • Minimum delivery charges
  • Proper package to ensure safe shipment
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)  available


  • C Natural Medium (Safed-1) North Indian Professional bamboo flute is approximately 19 inch (48.26 Cm) long and its diameter is 19 mm. This flute has a medium frequency. Additionally, this flute has a medium frequency and has a sweet and pleasing tone.
  • C Natural Medium Professional bamboo flute is 19 Inches long. Therefore, it is mostly chosen by beginners for learning Indian Classical music. This flute is also suitable for playing professional light music. Besides, this flute is also used for light classical music, light music and for studio recording
  • It gives Keynote G scale when all holes are closed.

Interestingly, C Natual Medium is the most preferred and the most bought flute by players of all levels. Most classical gurus recommend C Natural medium to a beginner of age below 10-12 years.

Furthermore, we take maximal care while making any professional flute as we keep customers’ satisfaction in mind while making. Our customers can approach us for any kind of customization they need and we will do it for no extra cost.

Measurement of C Natural Medium

The length of C medium flute is approximately 19 inches (48.26 cm) including the length beyond the cork. However, its effective length ( from cork to the end of the flute) is just 42.6 Cm long.

The measurement of C Natural medium flute is as below : (distance of each hole is taken from the centre of the mouth hole)

Hole                      :        1           2             3             4              5             6                7 (tuning hole)

Distance (Cm)   :       16.7      19.7        22.6       26.3        28.6       32.3         37.1

Benefits to our Customers

Also, the following additional benefits are ensured for our customers:

  • Low shipment cost (T&C Apply)
  • Free customization
  • Easy return/replacement
  • Fast settlement of post-purchase issues
  • Replacement on damage during shipping
  • Opportunity to be DPf Prime Customer
  • Referral Offers


Sometimes, the color of flutes might slightly be different. The flute delivered to our customers might slightly vary from the product image shown on our website. Since bamboo is a natural material and may have color variations.

Besides this, there may be dark spots and scratch marks on the flute. Scratches and dark spots signify a matured bamboo.

  • Customization available
  • Easy return/replacement
  • Prompt settlement of post-purchase issues
  • Replacement on damage during shipping
  • Many other DPflutes offers

Cash on Delivery (COD) om C Medium Flute

DPflutes is the only brand that offers Cash on Delivery (COD) to our customers. To avail COD on your location, you can write us and provide your area PIN code. We will activate COD on your postal code and you will be able to purchase C Natural medium or any other flute you want on Cash on Delivery!

Further, the color of flutes delivered to our customers might slightly vary from the sample image shown on our website. Usually, bamboo being a natural thing, has color variations.

Besides this, there may be some dark spots and scratch marks on the flute. Scratches and dark spots signify a matured bamboo.

DPflutes is acclaimed for delivering quality products and best customer relationships with our customers. Therefore, we once again resolve to keep the quality of flutes always high and the best possible relationship with our customers for a lifetime.

Popularityt of DPflutes

Many renowned artists like Shri Ashwin Srinivasan Ji, Shri Prakash Hegde Ji and Shri Tanmay Hrishi Das Ji have given their reviews of our flute and they have appreciated the following:

  • Shri Ashwin Srinivasan Ji says that DPflutes has world-class finishing and he compared our tonal quality to his best flutes. One can watch the review video Here.
  • Shri Prakash Hegde has also made a detailed review of our E Bass bansuri and appreciated its tuning, comfort level, and finishing in this video.
  • Shri Tanmay Hrishi Das Ji, a well-known flutist from Tripura reviews our flute in this way.

International Brand : C Natural Medium DPflutes

With the increasing demand for our flutes not only in India but across the border, DPflutes has become an international brand and the first choice for many customers beyond our country. Due to our constant hard work and improvement, we have been able to keep the standard of our flutes at the top level. We endeavor to deliver our customers the best flutes and always try to meet their expectations.


To summarize, we always try to make flutes out of bamboos with perfect dimensions. However, this factor again has its limitations. We believe, our customers are matured enough and accept such negligible limitations. Our customers are our friends, therefore we maintain goodwill forever.

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Har Sur Pakka…


To check how our flutes sound, please visit our YouTube channel Here.

Weight122 g
Dimensions48.2 × 2.2 × 2.2 cm
Hand Position


Finger Size

Long, Medium, Short

Pitch Standard

, ,

Thread Colour

Coffee Brown, Dark Brown, Rust Brown, Any other suitable colour

Need any Customisation ?

No, Yes (specify during checkout)

Required Carry Case ? NA For Flash Sale

No. Rs 150 cash back, Yes

Courier Preference

Amazon, Xpressbees, DTDC, Delhivery, E-com Express, India Post, Any Suitable

13 reviews for C Natural Medium (SAFED-1) 19 Professional Bamboo Flute

  1. Avatar of Rimjhim


    “”Dp Flutes” has kept its word as mentioned in the tag line “Har sur pakka” 😊
    Very veryyy happy with the flute 😊

    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Thank you Rimjhim

  2. Avatar of Dilip P. Gode (Maharashtra)

    Dilip P. Gode (Maharashtra) (verified owner)

    Thursday dtd. 23-09-2021 को फ्लूट प्राप्त हुई। Flute एकदम प्रीमीयम क़्वालिटी की है। “हर सुर पक्का” वाली टैग लाइन सूट करती है। हर सुर एकदम अच्छे बजते है। खास कर ऊपरवाले सुर एकदम मस्त बजते है। बाम्बू की क़्वालिटी एकदम अच्छी है। लगता है flute काफ़ी समय तक साथ देने वाली है।

  3. Avatar of rupak

    rupak (verified owner)

    Today I received C middle flute (left side).
    Over all build quality is awesome well finished.
    All harmonics are well tuned , except Gandhar (Ga) is slightly low (it might be depend upon my plying style as I’m not pro need to check for couple more days).
    About Flute bag well build and proper band size, only there is no foam at bottom and top side!


    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Thank you for your kind words. Please feel free to contact us if you need any replacement as you said that Gandhar (Ga) is slightly low.
      It is requested that the flute be played along with Tanpra so that all swaras can be checked properly. We tune each flute on Tanpura only.Regards.

  4. Avatar of shashank

    shashank (verified owner)

    threading was made different than requested, its better to inform and get confirmation when order is placed.
    and DP flutes can send a pic of the product before delivery.

  5. Avatar of Jaideep Panwar

    Jaideep Panwar (verified owner)

    Mr Dinesh owner of dp flute has an extraordinary effort with every flute i purchased from him from low note to high no adjustments required during playing normally we swift flute for proper note on any raag like ghadhar in yaman and Komal nishad in brindabani sarang but this flute are amazing i ever played thankyou love dp flute … lot’s of love
    Jaideep panwar

  6. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good quality and well tuned professional flute.

  7. Avatar of Venkateswar Atmakuri

    Venkateswar Atmakuri (verified owner)

    I got this in Flash sale, its so wonderful. If any one feels differently about quality of flutes in flash sale, please understand Mr. Dinesh gives wonderful flutes in flash sale as well. this one has wonderful tonal quality, its so soothing..

  8. Avatar of Kalyani Mundari

    Kalyani Mundari (verified owner)

    After waiting for many days finally I received this wonderful flute yesterday . It looks so nice and premium.
    Thank you dpflutes

  9. Avatar of Latikesh Kishor Mestry

    Latikesh Kishor Mestry

    Dp Flute is the best flute for beginners and also for Advanced Students. Im using Dp Flute from 1 year. So rich tonal Quality and Shining of flute. Dinesh sir is down to earth person. He make flute according to your taste and texture. Thank you DP Flutes For making such professional quality flute.

  10. Avatar of Rajdeep Gogoi

    Rajdeep Gogoi

    Dp flute is really amazing its quality of the sound and Bamboo is top notch.I have been using dp flutes from last 6months and its really a great experience. It
    is best both for begginner and advance level flute players. It is worth buying.

  11. Avatar of Sanjeev Kumar

    Sanjeev Kumar

    Got C middle for just Rs 1. 😮😮
    It was a give away flute and its tonal quality is superb. As a beginner i also used to run behind flutes which are without spots but after getting this flute i realized that flutes look more beautiful with spots if it is polished using sand paper the way Dinesh sir does. Only problem that i see is that i don’t know how to properly play it. Although i am trying my best but when you have such a sweet and beautiful flute in your hand tb dil se awaaj aati hai “Kash atche se bajana aata” 😅

  12. Avatar of Sourav Mallick

    Sourav Mallick (verified owner)

    Nothing to say for this flute . Dinesh ji giving his best for student like us. this “C” middle flute is perfect in bamboo & tonal quality. Though i have some issue with the “Dhaivat”(dha). It sounds a little bit low ,maybe its not the flute, maybe i cannot hold it in proper blowing angle.

  13. Avatar of apkaran

    apkaran (verified owner)

    Suggestion :-
    1. Please Start making flute according to customers blowing angle and style.
    2. Please add multiple color customisable threading option.
    3. Changes in website – Please make some changes in the home page, Instead of your YouTube Videos if you use the product section there it will look great and you can also use image slider on the top in the home page.

    • Avatar of minisharmadinesh

      minisharmadinesh (store manager)

      Thank you for your suggestions Apkaran ji. My answers to each of your suggestions :
      1. I always give options to customers to specify their needs before placing orders. One can also specity if he has special blowing angle and style.
      2. I usually opt single and plain threading style because I prefer quality of instrument rather than its external appreances.
      3. Landing Page is basically a funnel which lands customer to the product page, hence my website is designed so.

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