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Dear DPflutes lovers, are you thinking to buy flutes online?  It is a digital age and most of us love shopping online to save our valuable time and energy. Buying flutes online should not be an exception in this age of best internet connectivity.

Professional flute making has, so far, been a purely traditional affair. Most of the flute makers inheriting the skill from their forefathers are still on the job.

Now, It is a digital age. Almost all businesses have migrated online. As reaching out to far off customers has become easy with an increase in the use of the internet, social media and other networking platforms.

But to buy flutes online is not safe all the time. A little carelessness by the courier will damage the flute and the customers have to bear the loss. At the same time, one has to consider many things before going to buy flutes online. Following are the issues which may arise while buying flutes online:-

  •  Extra shipping cost may incur 
  • Return/replacement might be difficult 
  • Tuning may not be proper 
  • Use of wrong bamboo dimension
  • No customization 
  • Damage while shipping (Click here to know our policies)

Problems Faced if you Buy Best Flutes Online

Buying flutes online is not an exception as said earlier. Since the bansuri is made of bamboo which is a natural product and vulnerable. The flute made out of bamboo may get damaged if not handled carefully while shipping. Despite every care taken right from packaging and shipping, sometimes we found our shipment totally damaged. The process of return or replacement might not be easy all the time. More than anything, it is very disappointing to get a damaged piece delivered into our hands after a quite good waiting period of shipment. In the case of flute, the chance of damage and disappointment is maximum. (Check our Terms and Conditions here)

Therefore, in this article, we want to ensure our customers that DPflutes takes exceptional care while making flute and packaging. Be assured, go to our website and buy flutes online. We will guarantee your satisfaction.

Before explaining what DPflutes does to make your online flute purchase safe, let us look into what most of the flute makers do to deliver flutes to online buyers. Most of them have adopted a traditional business way and they are on the internet only to provide information on their business. Hardly there is a flute brand in India who has adopted state-of-the-art business ideas in terms of innovation in the products, usage of proper tools and technologies for making flutes, proper marketing strategies and modern-day business ethics.

DPflutes Gives More to Our Online Customers

Considering all the above factors, DPflutes is keen to deliver following to our valued customers who opt to buy best flutes online :

Customer Satisfaction

DPflutes understands how much a customer means to us. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of our business. If a customer is willing to buy a flute paying a certain amount of money, we are obliged to deliver him 100 % satisfaction with the best flute of his choice. If you are 99 % satisfied, we have totally failed and we take moral responsibility for our failure.

We guarantee our customers who buy flutes online from our e-commerce website, following:-

Regular Offer

DPflutes customers who buy flutes online are often eligible to get FLAT 20% off and many other offers we launch on our online store on a regular basis.

Free Shipping

We provide free shipping throughout India with few exceptions to our online customers. While most of the flute brands take packaging and shipping charges, we do not charge extra apart from the total cart value.

Free Customization

We provide free customization on DPflutes on our customer’s demand. Unless otherwise told for alteration in the thread color and pattern, we ship a similar flute appearing on the display on our website. Our customers have a privilege to call us and discuss their specific needs and we fulfill the same at no extra cost. It is easier for us to deliver you the right flute of your choice if we get a chance to interact with you. The outcome is amazing.

Delivery Time

Flute making involves multilevel tasks. Each level has to go through certain required time duration. It takes enough time right from the selection of appropriate bamboo to threading works. We have enough stock of finished products for ready shipment. However,  in case of any specific needs of a customer, we have to start making afresh as all the specific needs of the customer have to be considered. In this case, the customer gets the best flute of his choice. However, delivery might be a bit more. Apart from this, no further delay will be there from our side, except for any unforeseen circumstances.

Post Purchase Relationship

DPflutes is interested in making friends rather than customers. Most of our customers are our friends today. Once you buy flutes online or even offline from us, we are friends as long as you consider our friendship worthy. We are keen to listen from you about the experiences of owing a DPflutes product and the experience of playing it. We happily entertain your queries and difficulties, if any, and try to give you the best solution. As said earlier, we strive hard to deliver you 100 % satisfaction and we promise the same.

Refund and Replacement

Proper care is taken on packaging so that any damage during shipment may be avoided. So far, there have been only a few cases of damage to the package during shipment. DPflutes without hesitation delivered new flutes at no extra cost to those customers. Customer satisfaction is really important to us and we value it.


Apart from the listed above, DPflutes is always ready to extend any possible help to our customers. Towards this, we request our customers turned friends to come forward and feel free to communicate with us. You can ask for any kind of help u need. We will be happy to serve you for your satisfaction.


Finally, DPflutes hereby guarantees all customers good shopping experiences, satisfaction, long-term relationship, and best post-purchase support.

In order to make our online business successful and to serve you better, we request you to visit our website at www.dpflutesonline.com to buy flutes online so that our effort of reaching out to customers far and wide becomes a reality.

Last but not the least, we want to inform you that we will be launching attractive offers from time to time. To keep you notified, we would like you to subscribe to our YouTube channel “DPflutes”.

Thank you

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