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DPflutes Referral Offer : An Introduction

I believe you all play the professional flute. I am sure that you also have a YouTube Channel, A Facebook account/Page, an Instagram account, WhatsApp group, or a profile on any of the social networking platforms so that you can interact with like-minded people.

The power of social media is immense. Also, social media are extensively utilized by digital marketers for the expansion of their business. Here, we will also utilize the power of our social networks to get the benefit.

the business of referrals

As a YouTube Channel owner or a WhatsApp group admin/member, you might be asked by the people to suggest them with the best flutes at reasonable rates. Immediately you suggest any of the brands in the market and the person might buy flutes from the brand. Do you get anything in return for the suggestion you have given to the person? No.

Neither the flute company nor the person seeking your help is going to give you anything in return. Isn’t it true?

If you have a good influence over the friends across these social networks, there is a golden opportunity for you to own DPflutes 100% free of cost. As, helping your students or the new groupmates on your social network has so far been a regular practice for you. Now, get a professional flute for the same.

the referral offer: how does it work

Let us suppose, you are a flute guru, or u have a YouTube channel. Invariably, your students or subscribers seek guidance from you to purchase good quality professional flute in a good deal.

Let us assume Ratan, one of your students seeks advice from you to purchase a good quality professional flute for learning Classical Music. Straightway you recommend him to buy E Natural Bass or any other scale as deemed suitable from X Y Z company.

Suppose, you recommend Ratan to go for DPflutes, and he purchases one E Natural Bass from us which costs him Rs 3000.

Now, since you have advised Ratan to buy DPflutes, we will give you a referral benefit of 20% of the total cost of the flute. Here, in this case, you will get 20% of 3000 = Rs. 600 as your referral amount.

Like Ratan, Rohit, Rohan, Pooja and Shilpa, being recommended by you, bought any of the flutes from us, you will get 20% of the total amount in each case of all the five persons as your referral amount. How does it sound? Nice?

Let us suppose that your total referral amount, by now, has become Rs 1500, now you can claim any of the professional flute costing not more than Rs. 1500 for 100% FREE.

And if you have Rs 1500 as your referral balance, and you want to buy C Natural medium from DPflutes which costs you Rs 1400, the remaining Rs 100 will be in your referral balance.

referral offer : influencing the buyers

Let me breakdown how the social networks can be utilized to influence the buyers to go for the Referral Offer.

youtube chanel

  • If you have a YouTube Channel and a good number of subscribers, then it is very easy to achieve your goal. If you already own a DPflute, then it’s much easier, you can just make a video reviewing the DPflute you have. (Please subscribe our YouTube channel here to get updates on Referral offer).
  • You can add some texts like this (To purchase professional flute and get exclusive Referral Offers, please visit www.dpflutesonline.com) at the description box.
  • You can also add text saying (Flute Scale – D Natural Medium, DPflutes) anywhere in the video.
  • Also, you can add DPflutes unboxing video on your YouTube Channel.

whatsapp group

“Birds of same feathers flock together”. This proverb holds good for flute players/learners also. If someone does not have a guru near him, he will invariably join any of the social networks so that he can at least learn something from the group.

Now, if you have a good influence over the groupmates, then it’s all done. You just have to do the job you have been doing so far – helping the newcomers, starters to find a good professional flute. The rest, you know what to do!


Facebook and Instagram are among the largest social networking platforms today. The power of these platforms, as said earlier, is wonderful. If you have a Facebook Page, then you can easily reach out to the friends out there and share your thoughts regarding the DPflues Referral Offer and its benefits.

a website or a blog

You can also inform your website/blog visitors regarding the DPflutes referral offer and how one can own professional flute out of it 100% free of cost. The most effective way is to write a blog post on the referral offer and give a link to our website somewhere on the blog saying (Please visit www.dpflutesonline.com to buy professional flutes on exiting prices).

if you are a flute guru

Again, flute gurus can reap higher benefits out of this referral offer. A teacher is the only one to whom students seek advice to purchase a professional flute. You can help your students to get DPflutes and the offers we give time to time including the referral offer.

And if you teach on YouTube, then you don’t have to worry about flutes anymore. Suggest your online students to purchase flutes from us and reap the benefits of getting a professional flute from 100% FREE.

the referral offer : how it works


There are terms and conditions for anyone to be eligible to get benefits of Referral Offer. 100% FREE, is a phrase that everyone likes to hear, read, or go for. No doubt we are giving flutes free of cost under the referral offer. But it is not devoid of terms and conditions.

Initially, when the idea of Referral Offer was conceived, we thought of it without any terms and conditions. But it’s a fact that anything that is 100% FREE and comes without any condition, shall never get respect in our society. Intruders are everywhere.

one time registration

To avoid spam and undue advantage by some intelligent persons out there, DPflutes is going to launch the Referral Offer with a one-time registration process in which the interested and serious flute lovers can register with us by paying a nominal amount of Rs 249 only.

We are not going to take this amount. This amount will be added back to your own referral account as a Base Amount. Hence, the structure of your referral amount will be like this. Base Amount (Rs 249 + 20% of X+20% of Y and so on…..

As soon as we receive your registration details and the moment Rs. 249 is credited to our account, we will assign you a unique Coupon Code under which all the details of your reference will be recorded.

Note that this unique ID will be Non-transferable and will be valid for a lifetime.

With this ID, you can get an unlimited number of professional flutes 100% free from us. As of now, this offer is valid as long as you are in this world! Isn’t it a surprise?

unique coupon code

Once your register for DPflutes Referral Offer by a one-time registration process, we will assign you a unique Coupon Code bearing Flat 10% discount. This Coupon Code will not have time and usage limits.

Your are to distribute this coupon code to all those you want to target to buy flutes from DPflutes in Flat 10% discount so that you can quickly qualify for a Free flute from us. As said earlier, you can use social networks like YouTube, Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram ect. to circulate your coupon code to as many people as you can.


We have given a “PAY TO SUBSCRIBE NOW’‘ button at the homepage of our site, through which you can complete your registration process.

Registration Window

Once you click on the PAY TO SUBSCRIBE NOW button, you will be re-directed to Instamojo secured payment gateway through which you can complete your payment process.

You can opt to pay through Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, UPI, or Wallets also. Our website is an SSL secured site and all transactions made here are secured.

Once you complete your registration process, you are all set to avail an unlimited number of professional flutes 100% free from the referral offer.

Although we will receive your registration details once you complete the registration process, we expect you to send us the screenshot of status showing successful payment to us on WhatsApp.

The percentage of referral amount one can earn from a total cart value is 20%. This percentage might not be the same in the future.

DPflutes reserves the right to increase or decrease the percentage of referral earning per cart value.

As of now, this offer shall remain for a lifetime. However, DPflutes may terminate this offer in case of any unforeseen irregularities in the future. As, this is for the benefits of the customers, we believe that you will not resort to taking any undue advantage of this privilege.

free fute includes

Bamboo Flute


Carry Case

One DPflutes Carry Case

Shipping Charges

Free* (Conditions apply)

Free Flute Includes


Dear customers, when it comes to the question of a professional flute, most of us are reluctant to go for high-quality flutes as cost matters. But, think that we all own a smartphone that costs us not less than ten thousand rupees. If you are serious about learning the flute, buy a good quality professional flute and DPflutes is here to make it true.

Dear customers, please stay connected with us as we are going to launch many attractive offers from time to time. Subscribe our YouTube Channel DPflutes as we will notify you of everything through this channel only. Also, follow us on Facebook page and Instagram so that you may not miss out on anything important.

Last but not the least, please Sign Up to ur website so that we may send you important e-mails whenever necessary.

Besides the Referral Offer, we had launched Promotional Offer in March 2020. Many customers got the benefit of becoming DPflutes Prime Customers. Our prime customers are eligible for availing FLAT 20% OFF on all flutes for a lifetime!

We will surely launch Prime Customer offer again in future.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any querries.

a request

Before closing, we would like to request you one thing. Please share this post, my videos, and all those posts on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp regarding referral offer to your social network. There are for sure, many persons like you who need professional flute and to own it might be very difficult for them.

Good luck and prove the power of your social network.

Har Sur Pakka…..